Teagan Hovey

Junior Ambassador Candidate

Jules Rotter

Parents: John & Marisa Rotter

School: Tri City United Elementary - Lonsdale

Why do you want to be a Lonsdale Ambassador?

I would be really honored to be a Lonsdale Ambassador. I love Lonsdale so much! It's my hometown and I'm proud to live here. Being a Lonsdale Ambassador would give me opportunities to be able to volunteer for local organizations. I love helping people and this would give me another way to spread joy to others and it would be in such a fun way...being a princess! Four years ago, I was very lucky to represent Lonsdale as a Little Ambassador and I truly loved it. The experience gave my family a chance to have new adventures together and I feel like I will always have a special bond with the other royalty, their families and the Ambassador Board forever. I'm thankful that this Ambassador program has created special memories for me and I would be SO EXCITED to be a part of something so great again.

Sponsors: Harry's Scratch Kitchen, Mom, Dad and Max Rotter, Grandpa Kenny & Grandma Lu, Grandpa Bob & Grandma Barb, the little DANCE STUDIO, Rud Construction, Godmother Judy, Laddie and Shelley Bohlmann, Hammerberg Family, Jennifer Theis and Family, Loren and Rhoda Madson, Melissa and Joe Flicek, The Prigge Family, Waste Management, Anna's Bananas Daycare & Preschool Center, Minnesota Barnwood, Smisek's Plumbing & Heating, Lonsdale Telephone/Video Ventures, GreatWrench Auto Repair, Lonsdale Feed Mill, Malay Family, Kaymee Butler, Kevin & Neetah College, Lonsdale Country Market, Amy Zasoski, Greg & Diane Schleis, Heather Lerfald, Mike and Kelle Schleis, Dave & Kasie Hicks, Lonsdale Hardware & Rental, Mollie Meyer, Tanner Goldade, Tim's Small Engine, Amy Wagner, Emily Lehman, and Subway of Lonsdale.