Teagan Hovey

Junior Ambassador Candidate

Jules Rotter

Parents: John & Marisa Rotter

School: Tri City United Elementary - Lonsdale

Why do you want to be a Lonsdale Ambassador?

I would be really honored to be a Lonsdale Ambassador. I love Lonsdale so much! It's my hometown and I'm proud to live here. Being a Lonsdale Ambassador would give me opportunities to be able to volunteer for local organizations. I love helping people and this would give me another way to spread joy to others and it would be in such a fun way...being a princess! Four years ago, I was very lucky to represent Lonsdale as a Little Ambassador and I truly loved it. The experience gave my family a chance to have new adventures together and I feel like I will always have a special bond with the other royalty, their families and the Ambassador Board forever. I'm thankful that this Ambassador program has created special memories for me and I would be SO EXCITED to be a part of something so great again.

Sponsors: coming soon